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Some sports dealt with it relatively easily, such as golf, which decided in the late 19th century to tolerate competition between amateurs and professionals, while others were traumatized by the dilemma, and took generations to fully come to terms with professionalism even to a result of causing a breakdown in the sport (as in the case of rugby union and rugby league in 1895).Corinthian has come to describe the most virtuous of amateur athletes—those for whom fairness and honor in competition is valued above victory or gain.

This practice, dubbed "shamateurism", was present as early as in the 19th century.In the majority of sports which feature professional players, the professionals will participate at a higher standard of play than amateur competitors, as they can train full-time without the stress of having another job.The majority of worldwide sporting participants are amateurs.In the UK, the Factory Act of 1844 gave working men half a day off, making the opportunity to take part in sport more widely available.Working class sportsmen found it hard to play top level sport due to the need to turn up to work.

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