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Among the best known there were the Castlars, Abraham and David, who were father and son, Bendit Deuslogar, Belshom Maymon, Moshe Abraham de Portal, Samuel Cabrit, Salamon Caravida, and Ishaq Adret.

In 1271 the Jews of Besalú were empowered by the Infante Pedro to execute legal contracts in the same way as Christians and Moors.

#3, Carlos Iturbe (Gabriel Lara), who has grown up a millionaire, doesn't suspect Rafael is his brother, and has disdain for those "below him" socially.Hidden within this film is commentary on class structure, pursuing what one loves, and personal redemption. First as concerned father and husband of Libertad Lamarque, then as grownup twin sons.Apt camera angles and editing combines his twin roles simultaneously into several scenes. Considering the size of the community, there were many Jewish physicians in Besalú – in the 14 century there were no fewer than 15. In 1258 the two communities together paid a tax of 15,000 sólidos. As in the rest of Catalonia some rich Jews were moneylenders, very often in addition to their occupations or financial enterprises.

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