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Assertiveness can turn into aggression if that resentment starts coming out forcefully in the process of saying no.Assertiveness assumes that you’re neither trying to be submissive (giving in to someone else without cause) (trying to force ideas, goals, or punishment upon them).It means you can maintain that mental boundary between you and their goals for you, and smile and say “no, thanks.” People generally don’t write statuses, emails, magazines, etc, with the express purpose of making you feel bad.

If setting boundaries, saying no, people-pleasing and the like present persistent problems for you, you might consider finding a professional who can help you work through a full program. Okay, let’s look at how to say some assertive “no’s.” And we’ll start with: Mruk said something interesting in that quote above.And you are free to take a look and then say, “No thanks” and look elsewhere.Not everything earns the space it takes up in your mental life. Clearing out virtual influences goes a surprisingly long way to allowing us to feel better.Mruk continues: So let’s turn our attention to cultivating one aspect of assertiveness, which is saying “no” to damaging treatment from others.This is what we’ll call: Before we get too far down this road, I need to back the truck up (beep, beep, beep) and dump out a couple of warnings: Warning #1: Oftentimes when people pick up an assertiveness technique, their tendency is to overdo it at first.

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