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To look even more convincing some messages even contained recommendations from grateful patients.Yet another theme of the month was a series of offers for printer and copier cartridges.

South Korea remained the leading source of spam sent to European users (48.6%) in February: its share grew by 1.2 percentage points from the previous month.

India (3.4%), Vietnam (3%), Ukraine (2.3%) and Romania (2%) all experienced an average decline of 0.2 percentage points in the proportion of distributed spam.

In February, Japan’s share (1.8%) fell 0.3 percentage points compared with the previous month, resulting in a drop of one place in our rating to tenth place.

Another ‘Nigerian’ email was also allegedly sent by a tourist who had come to Ukraine with his family. The embassy issued him a temporary passport, but the ‘Nigerian’ tourist did not have money to buy a ticket or pay the hotel bill.

Unlike the previous email, the scammers ask for a specific amount of money, but they also ask the recipient to respond immediately to the email because there is not much time left before the flight and the bank needs a few days to transfer money to the tourist.

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