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Another major problem is states register offenders differently.

You may live in a state that gives you a "Tier 1/ Low Risk" designation with 10 year registration in one state, while another state gives lifetime registration or may reclassify you a Tier 3/ High Risk" because of the circumstances of your crime.

If your search is in an urban area, you are more likely to find residence with higher crime and lower standard of living.

Thus, I suggest getting Renter's Insurance; most Insurance companies offer Renter's Insurance for around a month, and it will cover you in case of theft, fire, or other problems.

This applies to those on SSI, the rules to those drawing from the lifetime earnings fall under different rules.

You can contact Social Security for specific rules on property and savings issues). There are many ways to do that, but having a good credit score helps should you need to move in the future.

Building a good rapport with the landlord will help you as you often need good references for a new lease.As a whole, registered citizens are more likely to keep to themselves, pay rent on time, and complain less than other tenants.Landlords these days may also do credit checks and eviction checks. Be prepared to deal with that and if there is a fee involved, get confirmation that you would be given serious consideration.If you can't handle the rejection yourself, pay someone you know a few bucks to call them.You have to grow thick skin because some folks won't be cordial while rejecting you. It is better to be up-front about asking if prospective landlords rent to registered citizens than to lie to get in only to be ousted later.

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