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I guess that means Rachel = Tink, and you the player = Bladezz.

3.) You might have finally discovered that the uniform for the waitresses at Drive-N-Dine includes tops when you lead Arch Angel there.

In the game, the fictional comic artist is named John Hernandez, who is in fact a real person and a real comic artist (the only character in the game based on a real person in fact).

10.) The article and pictorial in Beach Magazine is 7 pages long, and broken into pieces. Pages 3 to 5 are viewable in the “Dinner With a Supermodel” ending.

Ariane’s date with Rebecca is seen in the background of many pictures.

Our Word of the Year choice serves as a symbol of each year’s most meaningful events and lookup trends.For some fun, go to “options” then “Enter Custom”, then start a new game and enter “80” for first date experience (or any date experience that ends well where you eat at the diner).Then go to a bad ending before dinner, like “Centerfold”, “Rather Be Reading”, or insist on staying at the bar when Ariane is ready to leave. While still in “80” ending mode, take Arch Angel to the diner again and see what happens. ) There are two real web pages mentioned in the game. 5.) There are two versions of the “Nude Photoshoot”.Meanwhile, the “Waitresses”, Wendy and Lexi, are at their respective waitressing jobs on Saturday night.9.) Last December, I asked for suggestions on Facebook for a fake comic hero name, credit goes to Kurt Howard for first suggesting .

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Pages 5 to 7 are viewable in the “Coffee Conversations” ending.

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