Dating between different cultures

The entire tribe dances in some way or other, with even the children on their mothers' backs moving "in exact unison with the tune" (as noted by Bodwich, a nineteenth-century explorer).

There are many different reasons for the various dances, all reflecting a part of life.

There are essential ways that African dance is different than most Western forms.

The most obvious is the lack of partnered dancing (at least in male-female pairs).

African dance can legitimately be considered the oldest form of choreography in the world.

The dances are still taught to the children of the tribes from an early age, but the form has spread far beyond the continent to thrill audiences around the world.

The musician's duty is far more than just entertainment, since the dances and music are seen as the glue that helps hold the tribe together.

However, it is also inextricably entwined with the art of dance; most African villages would never have drumming without dancing at the same time.Today, Tigrayans number about 4.9 million and are concentrated in Tigray state (Ethiopia) and in Eritrea.The regions of Ethiopia and Eritrea where most Tigrayans live are high plateau, separated from the Red Sea by an escarpment (cliff-like ridge) and a desert.During the colonial era, Italy briefly ruled Tigrayan lands.With the expulsion of Italy in 1941, Eritrea was officially made a province of Ethiopia.

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