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Nearly all records have survived, since two copies were made of each record and stored separately.

The losses that have occurred are mostly Marriage Supplements, since they were not duplicated.

For large cities in later years they will be in separate registers.

There is usually a note in the margin of the original marriage record. Death records are especially helpful because they may provide important information on a person’s birth, spouse, and parents.

In other words, if the child died within those three days, it would most likely not be recorded in the birth records.

When looking for a stillborn child you may have to look in the index under 'L' for 'Levenloos' (stillborn), Those people who were born without a fixed surname are probably recorded under a patronymic or were "given" a surname posthumously, often based on the farm they were born at or lived at.

In Limburg and parts of Zeeland, civil registration began as early as 1795, because they had already been conquered by France.Go to Zoekakten, then GL, then Arnhem, then Huwelijksbijlagen, then the film for 1881 and part of 1882. “Shallow Man, I’ve been dating a Dutch girl for 18 months now, my family likes her and I’m thinking of asking her to become my wife, I know that a lot of Dutch people just live together and don’t marry, but in my culture marriage is normal. ” As always, the Shallow Man is keen to fulfill the wishes of his readers, however, I’ve dated a few wonderful Dutch Antelopes in my time but, like an Amsterdammer stepping over the ever present amount of dog poo all over the pavements here, have successfully avoided getting married.See the page Netherlands Population Registers for information about ordering these records. Access to Netherlands Civil Registration records online is excellent.There is no need to use microfilms or to visit archives.

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