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Ramos, who was constitutionally barred from running for a second term, endorsed House Speaker José de Venecia, and many of the country’s powerful businessmen opposed Estrada’s populist proposals.

The Roman Catholic Church denied Estrada its support because he had admitted to having fathered four children by women other than his wife.

However, he did have the support of Imelda Marcos, the widow of former president Ferdinand Marcos and then a member of Congress, and he enjoyed a devoted following among the country’s poor.

Estrada managed to capture nearly 40 percent of the vote, handily defeating his nearest rival, de Venecia, who garnered only 15.9 percent.

In 1987 Estrada became a national politician when he took a seat in the Philippine Senate. As vice president, Estrada led the Presidential Anti-Crime Commission and was responsible for a number of high-profile criminal arrests.

During his five-year stint in the Senate, Estrada served as chairman of the Committee on Rural Development and Committee on Cultural Communities, as well as the vice chair of the Committee on Health and Committee on Natural Resources and Ecology. Estrada’s 1998 presidential campaign was centered on this same law-and-order platform.

Estrada denied the accusations, calling them politically motivated, and he remained relatively popular in the Philippines despite the charges.

He played the lead in more than 100 movies, usually portraying a swashbuckling tough guy who defends the poor against the corrupt establishment. In 1968 Estrada entered politics, successfully running for the mayorship of the Manila suburb of San Juan, a post he retained until 1986. In 1992 he ran for vice president on the National People’s Coalition ticket.“I have been a jeepney driver, labor leader, a Communist guerilla,” Estrada said of his many roles, which often entailed playing a poor man seeking justice.He was awarded Best Actor and Best Film awards by the Filipino Academy of Movie Arts and Science (FAMAS) five times each, earning him spots in the FAMAS Hall of Fame in both 19.In 1967, Estrada used his popularity with audiences to garner votes in the San Juan mayoral elections.He served as mayor for 17 years, during which time he focused largely on education and health care reform.

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