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A service that has long been offered in the premium ranges of the automotive industry is now available in the aircraft industry thanks to RUAG Aviation, who have further developed it to deliver unparalleled customisation possibilities.

The airline's monogram or emblem is defined in terms of geometry by graphic designers. Logos are also modified to fit curved surfaces and appear identical from diverse viewing angles.

An aircraft livery is a set of comprehensive insignia comprising color, graphic, and typographical identifiers which operators (airlines, but also governments, air forces and occasionally private and corporate owners) apply to their aircraft.

As aircraft liveries evolved in the years after the Second World War, they became a leading subset of the emerging disciplines of corporate identity and branding and among the most prominent examples of fashion.

At the time, paint was expensive, weighed much, had relatively poor adherence to metal, and was prone to early bleaching, mechanical and chemical damage; leaving the aircraft skin largely unpainted was logical and economical.

As corrosion and paint research advanced and airliner lives lengthened, airframers began applying advanced primers and treatments to airliners during manufacture.

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