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It was acquired by the Louvre in 1899 and has since then been in the département des objets d'art (inventory number OA 9063).The work combines on the one hand a classic theme of the total power of the victorious emperor, crowned by Victory, whose universal rule is synonymous with peace and prosperity, and on the other hand the theme of Christian victory brought by Christ's patronage and blessing of the emperor.2) The layout comes in square by default (with photos you used previously already placed) but you can select "Aspect" to choose the aspect ratio you want.I like to keep all my iphone photos consistent so I usually choose 4:3.I particularly like collages on social media like facebook where typically only one images can be viewed at once and people are less likely to click through a series of images. I like to keep things simple so I stick with Classic or Jumbo (Jumbo layouts include more photos).In fact, two photos side by side like this is the classic "diptych" after which the app is named.

It is made from elephant ivory, sculpted and mounted with precious stones (7 pearls survive).It is a notable historical document because it is linked to queen Brunhilda of Austrasia.On the back there is a list of names of Frankish kings, all relatives of Brunhilda, indicating the important position of queens within Frankish royal families.You can zoom and pan the photo, double tap to select a different photo, and you can also apply adjustments and filters.I like to make minor adjustments to balance the photos, and then go into Snapseeed and Camera afterwards 5) You can then export to a high resolution file (which I recommend in case you ever want to print) and share right from Diptic although I like to save to the camera roll and share from there.

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  1. Per il Sud Italia le date delle semine possono essere anticipate di 15-20 giorni (ma anche di 1 mese) a seconda della località in cui vi trovate (per avere un riferimento più oggettivo, potete dare uno sguardo alle temperature minime di semina), mentre per le zone di collina o di montagna (Alpi o Appennino) potrebbero essere ritardate di 1 o 2 mesi (a seconda dell'altitudine e dell'esposizione).