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The attributes can be recognizable by either the file system natively, or via some extension.

Desktop search applications take this concept a step further.

Each property may be a simple type (strings, integers, dates) or complex types (contacts). Besides that, Win FS also allows different data instances to be related together; such as a document and a contact can be related by an Authored By relationship.

Consequently, it would not allow development of a single application that can view or edit all data types; rather what Win FS enables applications to understand is the structure of all data and extract the information that it can use further.

When Win FS was introduced at the 2003 Professional Developers Conference, Microsoft also released a video presentation, named IWish, showing mockup interfaces that showed how applications would expose interfaces that take advantage of a unified type system.

The concepts shown in the video ranged from applications using the relationships of items to dynamically offer filtering options to applications grouping multiple related data types and rendering them in a unified presentation.

Win FS was billed as one of the pillars of the "Longhorn" wave of technologies, and would ship as part of the next version of Windows.

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