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Speaking of distribution, its dominance in the digital universe helps Ben Elowitz make the case for the "Chief Audience Officer" in a world where "Content is No Longer King." As ISPs start restricting Internet band witch, this post asks, "Is Web TV's Free Ride Over?

" Not if the trend towards original web programming continues to gain traction.

One factor is the ecosystem of startup companies creating apps for the FB platform, as this thorough article by Mike Swift of the Mercury News articulates.

Gunther Sonnenfeld examines what it means to distribute and scale stories across multiple platforms in a series on his blog that you'll find very thought-provoking.

As the web world and the finance world (hell, the entire world) focuses upon the pending Facebook IPO and the enormous wealth being created, it's interesting to understand why.

The account won't be usable by anyone else, so there won't be any security issues.

One smart thing to do to make doubly sure that everything is secure is to go to any social media pages that Argyle was authorized to use, and remove Argyle's authorization.

(Here's some perspective in a smart post from Bost ) Could online learning, along with accelerator-style education and various web-based continuing education platforms spell the end of the MBA, a cash-cow for many universities? While MIT, Harvard and other prestige universities are porting their lecture content to the web, Stanford is undertaking the real revolution in education, according to an interesting Tech Crunch post, by embracing the "flipped" classroom model pioneered by Khan Academy.

This surge in web-distributed college courses will only become significant, argues this provocative post, when we "jailbreak" consumers from the full degree. In another online education move, Washington University's Law School will offer a master's degree entirely online, in partnership with a commercial company 2tor.com, reports the NY Times.

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I know I did, in part because he positions today's "transmedia" storytelling paradigm within the history of distribution and story formats.

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