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Facebook also reported finding that approximately ,000 in potentially politically related ad spending on some 2,200 ads 'from accounts with US IP addresses but with the language set to Russian,' which did not appear to violate any policy or law.

The post was written by its chief security officer and said that it was cooperating with federal inquiries into influence operations during the presidential election.

The accounts or pages that were found had violated Facebook policies and were shut down, according to Facebook chief security officer Alex Stamos.'Our analysis suggests these accounts and pages were affiliated with one another and likely operated out of Russia,' Stamos said in a blog post.

Facebook announced on Wednesday that it had found 0,000 worth of ad buys from accounts likely operated out of Russia, which may have aided in the disinformation campaign during the 2016 election cycle.

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The news comes the same day at Facebook co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg waded even more into the political waters by hosting a Facebook Live session in which he interviewed three Dreamers, in an effort to condemn President Trump's decision on DACA.

'To offer the American dream to people and then take it away and punish them for trusting the government is one of the most troubling things I've seen in a long time in our country,' Zuckerberg said.

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