Leo man dating an aries woman

Our connection is unlike anything I have ever felt, he gets me completely and is absolutely everything I have ever wanted. (As bad as it sounds, some things you can't control.) Good luck to everyone with the search for happiness... she has a boyfriend though, back in her home country, which I'm currently living in now.We had an immediate connection, physical and mental, from day one. I have no doubt that if he were single, we would be perfect together! she's living in my home country doing or 'trying' to do the long distance thing with her man....This is my third serious relationship (I'm 30) and it's the first time I've ever felt truly IN LOVE. I feel like he's the reason I never settled, he's what I've been waiting for my whole life. They aren't the most romantic creatures and he sure doesn't put me on a pedestal very often but he shows his love and affection in other ways that make me feel loved and adored more than I could have ever imagined.If you're a Leo and can put your ego and pride aside and be an equal in a relationship then I say go for it! I am a 26yr old Leo female and completely in love with a very married sag man.He's also very enthusiastic and charismatic and a very optimistic man.We always enjoy each others company and have a good time wherever we go, because this man knows how to make me laugh and connects with me at a level that no one else understands. I'm a Leo woman in love, love, LOVE with a Sagittarius man.We even made it half way through the book of Karma Sutra positions.

He seeks adventures, and a partner who can handle his wild side.I can't complain at the fact that he adores and loves me dearly.This is what every Leo woman want, its to be adored by her man and showered with love and affection.she mentioned the possibility of leaving her current man for me before I left home because we get on like a house on fire, I think we are both very sexually attracted to one another..well I feel that way, I think she feels that way but am not sure am almost sure but you can never be too sure right...to do..?

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This fills my heart with light and warmth and it fulfills him to his heart.

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