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In the aftermath, Arika is found by the Aswad Knights in a doll-like state, continually questioning what Otomes are.Nevertheless, after some talk with Mai and Midori, Arika renews her contract with Mashiro and trains with Mai to become a better Otome.While in a Meister Robe, Arika wields a double bladed crystal lance as her Element; her primary attack is called "Bolt From the Blue." Her enhanced mode special Element is the Sword of Akatsuki (a reference to Gear Fighter Dendoh, which had a similar weapon).

This was not the last for Arika as Schwarz launched an attack and it was later revealed that Erstin, her best friend upon who she trusted, was part of the cult.At the beginning Arika is a coral student of Garderobe.By accident she and Mashiro form a contract and unable to remove it Arika stays Mashiro's Otome and therefore becomes the new Otome of Windbloom.The way her head turns into an ant's head is a way to show how she feels when someone calls her this nickname (which must have followed her all her life).She is voiced by Mika Kikuchi in Japanese and by Angie Beers in English.

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