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Indy Mac failed a few months later, a collapse that cost the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. Did Polakoff rubber stamp the backdating of those capital infusions or take a more active role in dishonestly and unethically engineering them?Like the WSJ says, it’s “unclear.” He was second-in-command during the period being investigated. Bowman, the agency’s deputy director and chief counsel, to take Polakoff’s place.In public documents, they expressed confidence that the lender maintained enough money in reserve to cover its loans.But privately they worried it would fall below the regulatory threshold for reserves and began selling stock to boost its cushion of cash, the SEC said.

His attorney, Robert Fairbank of Fairbank & Vincent, had no comment.In addition, the OTS purportedly allowed Perry to backdate million in capital so that it could meet its threshold for reserves.The government official who oversaw the move resigned after it was disclosed in a report by the Treasury Department in 2008.The SEC said Indy Mac should have informed investors of the change.In addition to penalty fees, the SEC is seeking to bar Perry and Keys from serving as company officers or directors.

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