Rape victims of online dating

If a man penetrates your anus with his penis without your consent, this is rape. If someone penetrates your anus with another part of their body or object, this is called ‘assault by penetration’.

This type of sexual assault can be committed by both men and women.

You may also download and print the Help for Crime Victims: Helplines (PDF 58 kb) list now.

The OVC State/Local Victim Resources page and Online Directory of Crime Victim Services are available to help you locate local services.

It doesn’t matter what you were wearing at the time, or how you were behaving — sex without your consent is rape.

You may not be able to give your consent if you were under the influence of alcohol or drugs, didn’t understand what was happening or were asleep.

The person raped may be drugged and unable to give consent.

If you don’t have the capacity to give your consent, it cannot be assumed.

You’re allowed to change your mind — if at first you wanted to have sex but then decided against it, that’s ok and no-one has the right to force you to continue.

It doesn’t matter if you knew the person who raped you — sex without consent is rape. Being married does not give your partner any right to force you into having sex or to have sex with you without your consent.

If this happens, it is still rape and your partner can be prosecuted.

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If a man forces you to have penetrative sex, or has sex with you without your consent or agreement, that’s rape.

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