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The BBB warns that online dating opens the window of opportunity for scammers, whether that be through fake profiles or requests for money.So it’s not typically a one-time message asking for money right off the bat; they have the time and resources to gain your trust over months.Williams says scammers often copy names and photos of people from the U. military website, for example, and add those to their online profiles.Telephone consultations are available anywhere in the United States or Canada. I talk to them like they're good friends who may need "the hard line" to improve their situation. She is the author of the Marriage SOS book series and her private practice, Marriage SOS, specializes in helping individuals save or improve their relationships by taking the initiative to make positive, essential changes.My focus is on providing fast-acting advice that my clients can begin to implement in their relationship as soon as they hang up the phone. She has offices in Calgary, Alberta and serves clients across North America with telephone consultations.

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“By the time a victim is willing to send money to the scammers, they are so under the spell of the gang that is presenting themselves as the perfect soulmate of the victim, that the relationship, though one-sided, is more real and meaningful to the victim than past relationships they have had with flesh and blood individuals in real life.

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