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Although you can create a template from a blank page, converting an existing page into a template is far more practical and also far more common. Dreamweaver allows you to designate these areas of the page as .

To achieve the highest ranking with the search engines, make the description of the page as accurate as possible. To make the description metadata editable, you’ll need to move it into this section. Click the line number containing the entire description, or select the entire for Dreamweaver templates.

Updated on 20-October-2016 at AM In this section we will go over the tools available for adding new content or editing existing content in Business Catalyst.

Whether you are looking to edit pages, templates, products, webapp items, system pages, email templates and so on you can use one (or more than one) of the tools detailed in this section.

Your customers can then access the text or images in these pre-defined editable areas without worrying of breaking the site's layout or affecting areas other than the designated ones.

Note: ICE is not compatible with liquid code and because of that, editing a page that includes liquid with ICE will break the code.

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Enables users to create fully functional websites for desktop and mobile devices locally on their computers and upload them to Business Catalyst without writing code.

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