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Here, we make a connection that sets Qing’s words within the context of the other rock art sites, and the greater cosmology, that he knew.

The creation on the rock face of signal moments from first fruit ceremonies, and the painting of black cattle and sheep may be understood as a way of strengthening Bushman hunter-gatherer control over fertility and rain-making.

His testimony is therefore more reliable than was hitherto granted.

Unusual and uncommon motifs at e Mkhobeni Shelter, in the foothills of the northern u Khahlamba-Drakensberg of Kwa Zulu-Natal, look like Bushman hunter-gatherer paintings.

While the subject matter is restricted to a small geographical area, the ways in which it expresses beliefs about the power of bees are of much wider interest.

The painters depicted two kinds of comb (honey and brood), both nutritionally rich substances that are associated with creation and transformation in southern African hunter-gatherer myth and ritual.

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