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Then he and Claudia discover that Henry told his entire class about what he caught Sean and Claudia doing.

Title Reference: "Let's Talk About Sex" by Salt 'N' Pepa.

Playing Santa Claus, Walt promises Henry a 0 Astro Jammer Battle Buggy for Christmas; a ticked-off Sean brings violence to Santaland.

Meanwhile, Lily tries to figure out whether the blurry gift tag on her boxer shorts reads "from Brad" or "from Dean." Title Reference: "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus".

But when the car's battered remains are towed to the house a few days later, it turns out that Lily has been covering her tracks about an ill-fated joyride--and the reason her parents have to buy the missing parts from Eddie's mechanic. Claudia's erotic dream about Eddie has Sean trying to reignite the passion in their marriage.

Meanwhile, Lily fears that her bad behavior has thrust Brad into Kristina's arms.This leads to chaos at home, with Eddie raising the kids, Lily getting her tongue pierced, Jimmy becoming a bully, and Henry panhandling and eating out of the garbage.Title Reference: "Kung Fu Fighting" by Carl Douglas.Jimmy convinces Henry that the reason he can't find baby pictures of himself is that Henry's a robot.Title Reference: "Bang the Drum All Day" by Todd Rundgren.

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